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  • Parish Church of St Catherine
    The majestic parish church of Iż-Żejtun Citta' Beland cannot fail to attract the visitor's attention. It was built between 1692 and 1720 according to the design of Lorenzo Gafa', one of Malta's foremost architects. Gafa' was responsible for drawing the plans of the cathedrals of L-Mdina and Ir-Rabat Citta' Victoria, Gozo, besides those of several other parish churches, but Iż-Żejtun Parish Church is considered by many as his masterpiece. It is an imposing edifice, with an attractive dome, Doric and Ionic pilasters, and massive cornices all round. An effect of quiet dignity is obtained with striking simplicity of line and an admirable balance of composition.
    The people of Iż-Żejtun were among the best town builders in Malta. Michael Cachia was an excellent military engineer and Angelo Gatt constructed the world renowned Mosta Dome. Both hailed from Iż-Żejtun. Various works of art abound both in the Iż-Żejtun Parish Church and in its museum. Each year the inhabitants take pride in organizing, with great pomp and​ splendor, the Feast of St Catherine on the third Sunday of June. Of note also as the Good Friday Procession, a meaningful and colorful religious pageant, which attracts hundreds of visitors.
  • Sacred Heart Institute & Church of the Holy Spirit
    On the corner site bounded by St. Catherine Holy Ghost and St. Lucian Street is the Church of the Holy Spirit, designed by Lorenzo Gafa' and attached to it a Day Centre for children, run by the female congregation known as the Daughters of the Sacred Heart.

    The first primary school for the children of Iż-Żejtun was opened in this building towards the beginning of the nineteenth century by the Iż-Żejtun clergy led by Dun Alwig Camilleri. Maltese, Arabic and Religion were the main subjects taught here.

    British inspectors, sent over from England with the purpose of assessing the standard of education in the Maltese Islands, spoke in laudatory terms of this small school.
  • Old Parish Church know as (St Gregory's)
    Saint Gregory’s Chapel – It served as the Parish Church of Iż-Żejtun between 1400 and 1720. During the period it was also used as Watchtower against corsair attacks from Marsaxlokk, Saint Thomas Bay and Marsascala.
  •  Church of Saint Mary
    Church of Saint Mary – This church (c.1600) and its square are the centre of the Northern part of Iż-Żejtun which used to be known as Ħal Bisbut and Ħal Ġwann.
  •  Church of Our Lady of Mercy
    The Church dedicated to our Lady of Mercy was built in 1864 and extended in 1960. It is the centre of the Northern part of Iż-Żejtun which borders with Bir-id-Deheb and Ħal Għaxaq.
  • Saint Clement's Chapel
    Saint Clement’s Church – Built by Clement Tabone in memory of the victory the people of Iż-Żejtun had over the corsairs after the attacks of 1614.
  • ​Our Saviour's Church
    Our Saviour’s Church – Built in 1500. Together with Wells Square it was the centre of Bisqallin, the old name for the lower part of Iż-Żejtun.
  • Saint Nicholas Chapel

  • Bon Kunsilli Church

  • Parish Centre of Saint Martin