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Twinning – Villabate – Zabbar, Eschborn - Zabbar
Partnership – Povaoa de Varzim and Montgeron
On the 14th May, 2010 at the Council Hall of Eschborn, Zabbar signed the official twinning agreement with this German town. The contract was signed by Mr Domenic Agius, Mayor of Zabbar and Herr Speckhardt, Mayor of Eschborn.
Recently this agreement was countersigned in another official ceremony, this time held at Zabbar Local Council, the signatories being once again the respective Mayors of the two Councils.
This twinning has sealed nine years of steady friendship and regular contacts between the two towns, helped on by regular reciprocal visits, during which ideas were exchanged, shared, and discussed objectively for the greater benefit of the citizens of the two towns.
Following the countersigning of the agreement, held at Zabbar Local Council, both Mayors once again pledged co-operation in various important fields: social and cultural. Both towns are steeped in history and both can offer each other the benefits which, thanks to this contractual friendship, will ultimately be much more accessible and easier to gain.
In their respective speeches after the signing ceremony, the two Mayors highlighted the strong bond which exists between two peoples, in spite of the various ethnical and geographical differences, both putting to the fore the common denominator that underlines European clime and mentality, something which makes for unity, friendship and reciprocal contacts.
Besides the Twinning with Villabate and the city of Eschborn, the Council also has a Partnership Agreement with  two other European cities namely, Montgeron and Povoa’ de Varzim. The Partnership Agreement was signed on July 2001 during the International Youth Summer Camp organised by Zabbar.
Since then the following activities were held with:
Povoa di Varzim
1. Photographic Exhibition by  Joe Camilleri in June 2005.
2. Regularly invited to join with the other cities in Povoa’ for the celebration of local celebrations in honour of San Pedro (end of June).
3. Partner in the yearly organisation of the IYSC.
1. Photographic Exhibition by Joe Camilleri 2001
2. Painting Exhibition in Zabbar by the famous artist Hanny Franke 2003
3. Another Painting Exhibition in Zabbar by Herbert Dubois 2005
4. Eschenfest participation by providing a stall from which local products were sold. (ITS College, Farsons and Malta Tourism Authority helped us in this activity)
5. Painting Exhibition by Alison Camilleri in Eschborn 2005
6. Painting Exhibition by Fabrizio Ellul May 2008
7. Regularly invited to Eschenfest in May every year
8. Partner in the yearly organisation of the IYSC
1. Partner in the yearly organisation of the IYSC.
2. Participation by Local musicians during Fete de La Musique 2008.
1. Reciprocates invitations by Povoa’ de Varzim, Eschborn and Villabate during local celebrations in honour of our Lady of Graces.
2. Partner in the yearly organization of the International Youth Summer Camp.