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Band Clubs

The Għaqda Madonna tal-Grazzja, Banda San Mikiel
Founded by Dr Pasquale de Lorenzo in 1887, and originally known as the Società San Michele, Zabbar, with its first premises in St James Square, this band club flourished and earned an excellent name for itself through very difficult and turbulent times. Since its very conception it adopted the Archangel St Michael as its patron saint, and gradually attained a very popular following, naturally attracting the attention of the other club; thus, a pique was born. And this lingered on throughout the years, till 1992, when the historic agreement between the two clubs brought dissension to an end. As in the case of the other band club, the St Michael was founded to primarily foster the love for music and also as a means of entertainment for the villagers.
As from its very first formative years, the band gleaned the best comments regarding its musical executions, and was invariably directed by some of Malta’s best bandmasters, including Mro Adeodato Gatt, Mro Hector Dalli and Mro Twanny Chircop. In 1981, the club was moved from its former premises in St James Square to 6, Prince of Wales Square, and in 1902 it was moved again to St James Square. Between 1911 and 1920 the premises were once again in Prince of Wales Square, corner with Lajri Alley; then to N0 41 on the site of the present club. This club was demolished in 1978 and rebuilt as the beautiful and modern edifice that it is today. A new Committee meeting was held in this club in 1980. From that year onwards, the St Michael Band Club kept its pace with the changing times, playing a major part in all the important events prior and after the World War II. It shared most brilliantly in the festive glory of the Crowning of the Effigy of Our Lady of Graces in 1951, when the club was visited by many distinguished personalities, both civil and ecclesiastical. It has been celebrating the feast of its patron saint since its very foundation; on the Friday preceeding the village feast, it accompanies the statue of Our Lady of the Siege with merry marches and participates with the Maria Mater Gratiae Band in the tour de force march of the Te Deum on the eve of the festa, up to 1992. In 1997, the club formally changed its name to Ghaqda Madonna Tal-Grazzja, Banda San Mikiel.
Today the club is a hub of activities, concentrated in the Misrah area, but spread all over the village. It organized many social activities for an ever wider number of locals who, in their Club feel happy and at home, all set to give their best to the club, the band and the village itself.
The Maria Mater Gratiae Band Club
Founded in 1883 by Francesco Saverio Briffa, the Societa Filarmonica Maria Mater Gratie was initially simply known as Società del Zabbar, or the village band. Its main purpose was to foster the love for music and at the same time offer good and honest entertainment to the people of Zabbar who, at that time, had hardly any means of alienation from their hard daily chores. The first bandmaster was Mro Gius. Micallef nicknamed il-Baqrambur and he passed his nickname on the Band, which ever since has been commonly known as Tal-Baqra. After his death in 1914, he was succeeded by a series of very able bandmasters, such as Lorenzo Gonzi and Mro Joseph Abela Scolaro.
Its premises, in the upper part of Sanctuary Street, not very far from the church, was the mecca of all those who sided with tal-Baqra. In fact they had their own minor feast (Our Lady of Holy Doctrine), carried their own statue of Malta on the Friday preceding the village festa and gave their utmost during the festivities of the Crowniing of the Effigy of Our Lady of Graces in 1951. Many distinguished persons, both civil and ecclesiastical, honoured the Club with their visits: it was showered with gifts, honoured and glorious moments, particularly after World War II.
In 1948 the immense courtyard of the Club, originally a vast garden, was paved and, later, served for many years as an open-air cinema, known as the Blue Arena. It closed down in 1955, and was subsequently used for variety shows, as a theatre, for the occasional fair, and as a venue for wedding receptions. Throughout the years it strives to give its very best, both music-wise, socially and otherwise. The rivalry with the other band club, that of St Michael, came to an end in 1992, after the historic agreement in which the two bands solemnly swore to work together for one cause. The band club today is the venue not only for music lovers, but also for the staunch adherents of the club itself, who see in it a hive of activities, both social and religious, but particularly social and competitive ones, for the greater honour of the club itself and the people of Zabbar.

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