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Along the road which from Attard leads on to Ħamrun one finds the Acquaduct built during the times of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt which carried water to the capital city Valletta. A village through which the acqueduct passes through is Santa Vernera. This acqueduct began to be be built in 1611 and was finished four years later.
By the side of the arches lifting this aquaduct is the famous palace known as Casa Leone built by Gran Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena and finished around the year 1730. This palace, which today houses a ministry, is surrounded by a garden which was one of the most beautiful gardens in Malta when compared to others of its size.
Near the palace one finds a public garden, named after Romeo Romano. In one of its corners one finds a well kept old water mill, and in another part of the garden there is a small exhibition of ancient tools used in agricultre. In another part of this garden there is also a farmhouse open to the public.
The Santa Venera Local Council is doing its utmost so the the common heritage of days gone by in Santa Venera and Malta continues to be enjoyed by everyone.