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About The Locality

Notification number 318 which appeared on the Government Gazette on the 7th of July 1961 stated the following: It is hereby notified for general information that the new community centre at Tarxien, which is broadly bounded on the east by the Tarxien By-Pass and on the North by the Luqa By-Pass shall take the name of ‘’Santa Lucia’’ after the ancient chapel which is situated nearby.

Thus was created the name of this new community whose largest part was taken from Tarxien and following many arguments on whether to consider the place as a new part of an older locality or whether it was to be considered as a modern town or village in its own right. The area where this new community was created right until a few years after the Second World War was nothing more than a few fields. These housed the fireworks factories of Tarxien and Gudja. In 1955 plans for this zone were being drawn up and the building of the first apartments had started. The first apartments were rented out on the 8th of January 1966 and on the 2nd of March of that same year the first family went to live in an apartment in Santa Lucia. In a short time the community began to form itself. Today it has a population of 3500 residents.