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Town Twinning with Jin Chang District of Suzhou Municipality, China

Agreement signed abroad: 22/06/2000                  Agreement signed locally:  09/11/2001                       

Jin Chang District is located at the Northwest of Suzhou municipality, it borders on city proper in the east. Hi-tech Development District in the west and is a scenic tourist district as well as a commercial center. The jurisdiction area of it covers seven residential districts and one village including Jin Mec, Tao Wu, Shi Lu, Sa Tang, Lui Yuan, Cai Xiang, San Yuan, and Xin Zhuang with 149 neighborhood committees. The total population of the district is 241,000.

Jin Chang District has been the downtown center since the ancient times, especially during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1944AD – 1911AD) it was the major commercial center and key collecting and distributing center in south of Yangse River. A Chinese painting named "Painting of Peace & Prosperity" by X Yang of Qing Dynasty depicted the thriving and prosperous of Chang Men (Jin Chang District) in Qian Long reign of Qing Dynasty. In his masterpiece of "Red Chamber Dream", Cao xueqin described Chang Men as "The most attracted place for riches and romantic affair in human society".

Town Twinning with Council of Carlentini, Sicily

Agreement signed abroad: 22/08/2006                  Agreement signed locally:  12/12/2006                              


Town Twinning with Council of Gabiano, Italy – 17 October 2008
Agreement signed abroad:  17/10/2008