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  • ​Santa Lucija Chapel
    This church lies on the Tarxien Gudja Road. The new residential area of Santa Lucija took its name from it.

    It was built in 1535 on land belonging to the Cathedral. It was a canonical church providing a prebend for one of the cathedral canons who, in turn, was obliged to bear the expenses of the feast and to distribute a sum of money to the poor on feast-day. The custom existed up to the Second World War.

    Paolo Pellegrino rebuilt the church, and the sacristy annexed to it by Wigi Aguis.

    There is one altar the main painting of which showing Our Lady with Child Jesus and a kneeling Saint Lucy has been removed.

    In a corner of the church square is a well, which used to provide drinking water to thirsty pilgrims.

    The festa used to be celebrated on the 13th December, with the singing of vespers and a High Mass, the Għaxaq clergy concelebrating Mass on the feast day. This has been discontinued and the church has been neglected.

  • Parish Church St. Pius X
    On 20 September 1966 a contract was entered where the government passed on to the ecclesiastical authorities a piece of land on perpetual lease. The first stone was laid on 6 November 1969 by Archbishop Mgr Michael Gonzi. Under this stone, a written description of all these events was placed. It was also established on this day that the church would be dedicated to St. Pius X. Witnesses to this ceremony were Monsignor Fr Francis Xuereb and Chev Antonio Cassar. Construction work began under the leadership of Father Emmanuel Mifsud. The Architects were Italo Raniolo and Edgar Caruana Montaldo. The residents helped by handing out donations and by organizing various activities to raise funds for the construction of this church. Archbishop Michael Gonzi himself donated Lm300 and Chev A. Cassar gave the sum of Lm100. There were other people who be quitted money for the building of the church. Most of these benefactors wanted to remain anonymous at their request. Here one might say that these benefactors made pressure on Archbishop Michael Gonzi to have the Church dedicated to St. Pius X. Father Amator Gambin personally helped in the construction works in order to help reduce costs.

    When the church was completed, a decree was issued on 8 July 1969 by the Curia stating that with effect from 27 July 1969 the church dedicated to St. Pius X was to become a parish; it was also decreed that Fr Joseph Bugeja was to become parish priest. Father Bugeja was still 29 and hailed from Mqabba, and held the post of private secretary to Archbishop Gonzi. A provisional ceremony of possession was held on 10 August 1969. On the same day Archbishop Gonzi administered the sacrament of Confirmation to 46 children. On the same day the parish priest baptised the first baby in the parish - Vania Josette Scicluna. The first marriage in the parish was held on 10 January 1970, between Paul Scerri and Mary Frances Attard. The first funeral at the new parish church was that of Carmelo Attard, aged 80 who died on 2 February 1970.

    The blessing of the new church was held on the 4 of June 1972. The main altar of the church was designed by John Bonnici. This was done in Pietra Santa, Italy by the firm Marmorificio Luisi. The Crucifix that dominates the church after the altar, the Madonna enshrined in wood, the chapel of the Sacrament and the Way of the Cross are also beautiful works of the same John Bonnici.

    Under the framework of St. Pius X, one finds the kallotta of this holy Pope. This was donated by the Archpriest of St. Paul, Rev F. Calleja Gera when he was still a seminarian. It was acquired by the seminarian when he had an audience with the Pope. The pope was presented by a new karlotta by the seminarian and in return the Pope gave him the one that he was wearing. Thus this karlotta is at the parish church dedicated to this saint.

    The place used as a provisional chapel was handed over to the local band club, later it was occupied by the Malta Labour Party and now it serves as a government health clinic. The first baptism held at the new church dedicated to St. Pius X was that of baby Bernadette Mintoff on Friday 5 June 1972, the first marriage was between Emanuel Spiteri and Mary Ophelia Demicoli on 1 July 1972, and the first funeral held was that of Joseph Ripard on 16 February 1973.

    On the 4th of June 1972 a special programme was held while Archbishop Gonzi blessed the Church and also officiated the First Holy Communion to children. In the evening the sacrament of the Confirmation was officiated by Bishop Emanuel Gerada. A plaque commemorates this day. The Marsa Scouts took part during these special events. Since then Santa Lucia had the following parish priests - Father Joe Bugeja (1969-79), Fr Charles Cordina (1979-88) and Fr Joe Magro (1988 – 1996). Fr Gordon Refalo from Sliema began his work as a parish priest on 29 November 1996.