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 Administrative Committees

Paceville Administrative Committee
First Legislature - Date of Election - 27th March, 2010
First Legislature - From Left to Right: Helen Walker (Executive Secretary), Carmel Aguis (Member), Joseph Oliva (Member), Richard Scicluna (Chairperson), Joseph M. De' Conti Manduca (Deputy Chairperson), Karl Consiglio (Member).

Chairperson:                    Mr Aldo k/a Albert Bonello Ghio
Deputy Chairperson       Mr Michael La Rosa
Members :                       Mr Joseph Oliva
                                         Mr Richard Scicluna
                                         Ms Maria Dolores Falzon

Sub Committees

Councillors’ Responsibilities from 01/05/2015 - 30/04/2019
Mayor Karl Gouder & Vice Mayor Guido Dalli - Twinning, EU Funds & Bye Laws
Vice Mayor Guido Dalli - Infrastructure, Roads, New Projects & Cleanliness
Councillor Martin John Sultana - Traffic, Police, Transport & Traffic Signs
Councillor Albert Buttigieg - Education and Social Inclusions including disability & NGO’s
Councillor John Agius - Social Activities for the Elderly
Councillor Adrian Dominic Ellul - Youth & Sports
Councillor Rita Dimech Portelli - Public Health
Councillor Clayton Luke Mula - Culture & Tourism
Councillor Clayton Tanti Gregoraci - Environment, Small Businesses & Commerce
The Mayor Karl Gouder is Ex-officio on the responsibilities given to all Councillors.