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​Siġġiewi, Città Ferdinand, or Siggieui, is a village situated on a plateau in the southwestern part of Malta, a few kilometres away from Mdina, the ancient capital city of Malta, and 10 kilometres away from Valletta, the contemporary capital. It is the home of 7903 inhabitants (Nov 2005) who, up to several decades ago, worked mostly in the fields which surround the village.

 The meaning of the word "Siġġiewi" is uncertain. Some say that the place was named after the Sageyo's, a rich family which had large estates in the area. Others argue that the Semitic roots of the word mean 'prosperous' or 'calm'. The motto of Siġġiewi is "Labore et Virtute" (Work and Virtue).In its demographic and topographical formation, Siġġiewi followed a pattern common to other villages in Malta. Before the arrival of the Order of St John in 1530, there were other thriving hamlets in the area. Little by little Ħal Xluq, Ħal Kbir, Ħal Niklusi and Ħal Qdieri were absorbed in Siġġiewi and today, only their secluded chapels remind us of their former existence.