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Francesco Zahra (Painter) B.1710 D.1773
Juan Batista Azopardo (Founder of the Argentine Navy) B.1772 D.1848
Mons. Ignazio Panzavecchia (Priest Policitian) B.1855 D.1925
Andrea Debono (Renowned Maltese Ivory Trader and Explorer) B.1821 D.1871
Carlo Darmanin (Scupltor) B.1825 D.1909
John F.Marks (Trade Unionist) B.1894 D.1954
Louis Xikluna (Ship Builder) B.1808 D.1880
Tomaso Madiona (Painter, engraver and Musician) B.1804 D.1864
Dom Mauro Iguanez (Librarian of famous Benedectine Monastery in Monte Cassino) B.1887 D.1955