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Sub Committees

Mayor Dr. Dean Hili
Finance; Local and International Public Relations; Public Order (including legal matters and relations with the Police, the Warden and the Regional Committee); Planning Authority (MEPA); General Information; Capital and Infrastructure Projects; Drafting of Council contracts and monitoring their performance; Editor of all Council publications and official communications; Administrative Staff and Workers assigned to the Council; Relations with local youths including the local youth councils; Co-ordinating with sports clubs, Scouts, the Church and NGO's; Drafting and implementation of bye laws; Representative of ECAD Advisory Board, and Anna Lindth MIEMA Foundation.
Depity Mayor Ray Lanzon
Representative of NHDJC including upkeep and maintenance of street lighting; Elderly included co-ordinating with the Pembroke Seniors Association; Conservation, protection and improvement of the environment in the neighborhood; Customer care handling (complaints); Housing; Social Activities, Cultural and mass activities, including open days etc
Councillor Evelyn Vella Brincat
Protection of Historic Buildings; Tourism; Boundaries; Single Parents; Health; People and families with special needs; Activities and other initiatives for the protection, care, and animal rights.
Councillor Mark Causon
Applications for EU funds and implementation of projects related to the EU including educational and environmental projects; Information included I.T., Web Page, Facebook, etc; Library; Education; Culture; Organisation of all kinds of information meetings and courses.
Councillor Charles Cesare
Commercial Sector; Licenses and Permits; Traffic and Public Services; Public Transport.