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Local Council meeting adjournment
Date : Thursday 23rd January 2020
Time : 17:00
Place : Pembroke Local Council Office
Council meeting agenda will be published hereunder within 5 days prior to the meeting.
Kindly click here if you would like to see the active stream of the council meeting.
The stream will only be on when a council meeting is ongoing.​

Eight Legislature

​Council Meeting 09/K8/2019 scheduled for Thursday 19th December 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 08/K8/2019 scheduled for Thursday 19th December 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 07/K8/2019 scheduled for Thursday 28th November 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 06/K8/2019 scheduled for Friday 18th October 2019​​​​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 05/K8/2019 scheduled for Monday 30th September 2019​​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 04/K8/2019 scheduled for Thursday 26th September 2019​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 03/K8/2019 scheduled for Thursday 29th August 2019​​​​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 02/K8/2019 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd July 2019​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 01/K8/2019 scheduled for Tuesday 2nd July 2019​​​​​​​

Seventh Legislature

​Council Meeting 07/K7/2019 scheduled for Wednesday 26th June 2019​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 06/K7/2019 scheduled for Thursday 23rd May 2019​​​​​​
​Council Meeting 05/K7/2019 scheduled for Wednesday 24th April 2019​​​​​
​Council Meeting 04/K7/2019 scheduled for Thursday 28th March 2019​​​​
​Council Meeting 03/K7/2019 scheduled for Thursday 28th February 2019​​​
​Council Meeting 02/K7/2019 scheduled for Thursday 31st January 2019​​
​Council Meeting 01/K7/2019 scheduled for Thursday 31st January 2019​

Council Meeting 17/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 18th December 20​18​​​​​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 16/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 4th December 20​18​​​​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 15/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 27th November 20​18​​​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 14/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 30th October 20​18​​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 13/K7/2018 scheduled for Thursday 27th September 20​18​​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 12/K7/2018 scheduled for Thursday 27th September 20​18​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 11/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 28th August 20​18​​​​​​​
Council Meeting 10/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 31st July 20​18​​​​​​
Council Meeting 09/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 26th June 20​18​​​​​
Council Meeting 08/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 29th May 20​18​​​​
Council Meeting 07/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 22nd May 20​18​​​​
Council Meeting 06/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 24th April 20​18​​​
Council Meeting 05/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 24th April 20​18​​
Council Meeting 04/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 27th March 20​18
Council Meeting 03/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 27th February 2018
Council meeting 02/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Counc​il meeting 01/K7/2018 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Council meeting 15/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 19th December 2017
Council meeting 14/K7/2017 scheduled for Thursday 14th December 2017 - Locality meeting
Council meeting 13/K7/2017 scheduled for Thursday 14th December 2017
Council meeting 12/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 28th November 2017
Council meeting 11/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 24th October 2017
Council meeting 10/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 26th September 2017
Council meeting 09/K7/2017 scheduled for Monday 28th August 2017
Council meeting 08/K7/2017 scheduled for Thursday 27th July 2017
Council meeting 07/K7/2017 scheduled for Thursday 22nd June 2017
Council meeting 06/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 30th May 2017
Council meeting 05/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 25th April 2017
Council meeting 04/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 28th March 2017
Council meeting 03/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 21st February 2017
Council meeting 02/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 31st January 2017
Council meeting 01/K7/2017 scheduled for Tuesday 31st January 2017

Council meeting 15/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 20th December 2016
Council meeting 14/K7/2016 scheduled for Thursday 15th December 2016
Council meeting 13/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 29th November 2016
Council meeting 12/K7/2016 scheduled for Wednesday 26th October 2016
Council meeting 11/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 27th September 2016
Council meeting 10/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 30th August 2016
Council meeting 09/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 26th July 2016
Council meeting 08/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 28th June 2016
Council meeting 07/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 24th May 2016
Council meeting 06/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 26th April 2016
Council meeting 05/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 26th April 2016
Council meeting 04/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 29th March 2016
Council meeting 03/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Council meeting 02/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 26th January 2016
Council meeting 01/K7/2016 scheduled for Tuesday 26th January 2016

Council meeting 15/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 22nd December 2015
Council meeting 14/K7/2015 scheduled for Friday 11th December 2015
Council meeting 13/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 24th November 2015
Council meeting 12/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 3rd November 2015
Council meeting 11/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 29th September 2015
Council meeting 10/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 25th August 2015
Council meeting 09/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 21st July 2015
Council meeting 08/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Council meeting 07/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 19th May 2015
Council meeting 06/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 21st April 2015
Council meeting 05/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 24th March 2015
Council meeting 04/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 3rd March 2015
Council meeting 03/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Council meeting 02/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Council meeting 01/K7/2015 scheduled for Tuesday 6th January 2015

Council meeting 19/K7/2014 scheduled for Thursday 18th December 2014
Council meeting 18/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 16th December 2014
Council meeting 17/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 18th November 2014
Council meeting 16/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 21st October 2014
Council meeting 15/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 23rd September 2014
Council meeting 14/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 26th August 2014
Council meeting 13/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 22nd July 2014
Council meeting 12/K7/2014 scheduled for Monday 30th June 2014
Council meeting 11/K7/2014 scheduled for Monday 26th May 2014
Council meeting 10/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 6th May 2014
Council meeting 09/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 15th April 2014
Council meeting 08/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 15th April 2014
Council meeting 07/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 25th March 2014
Council meeting 06/K7/2014 scheduled for Thursday 6th March 2014
Council meeting 05/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 11th February 2014
Council meeting 04/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 11th February 2014
Council meeting 03/K7/2014 scheduled for Tuesday 21st January 2014
Council meeting 02/K7/2014 scheduled for Friday 17th January 2014
Council meeting 01/K7/2014 scheduled for Monday 6th January 2014

Council meeting 15/K7/2013 scheduled for Tuesday 17th December 2013
Council meeting 14/K7/2013 scheduled for Tuesday 12th November 2013
Council meeting 13/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 6th November 2013
Council meeting 12/K7/2013 scheduled for Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Council meeting 11/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 18th September 2013
Council meeting 10/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 28th August 2013
Council meeting 09/K7/2013 scheduled for Monday 5th August 2013
Council meeting 08/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 17th July 2013
Council meeting 07/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 12th June 2013
Council meeting 06/K7/2013 scheduled for Monday 3rd June 2013
Council meeting 05/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 22nd May 2013
Council meeting 04/K7/2013 scheduled for Monday 6th May 2013
Council meeting 03/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 24th April 2013
Council meeting 02/K7/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 24th April 2013
Council meeting 01/K7/2013 scheduled for Friday 5th April 2013

Sixth Legislature

Council meeting 12/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 27th March 2013
Council meeting 11/K6/2013 scheduled for Monday 25th March 2013
Council meeting 10/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 20th March 2013
Council meeting 09/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 20th March 2013
Council meeting 08/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 13th March 2013
Council meeting 07/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 27th February 2013
Council meeting 06/K6/2013 scheduled for Friday 22nd February 2013
Council meeting 05/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 20th February 2013
Council meeting 04/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 13th February 2013
Council meeting 03/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 13th February 2013
Council meeting 02/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 30th January 2013
Council meeting 01/K6/2013 scheduled for Wednesday 9th Janunary 2013

Council meeting 32/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 10th December 2012
Council meeting 31/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 28th November 2012
Council meeting 30/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 24th October 2012
Council meeting 29/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Council meeting 28/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 19th September 2012
Council meeting 27/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 20th August 2012
Council meeting 26/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 18th July 2012
Council meeting 25/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 13th June 2012
Council meeting 24/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 6th June 2012
Council meeting 23/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 28th May 2012
Council meeting 22/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Council meeting 21/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Council meeting 20/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 16th May 2012
Council meeting 19/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 18th April 2012
Council meeting 18/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 18th April 2012
Council meeting 17/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 18th April 2012
Council meeting 16/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 9th April 2012
Council meeting 15/K6/2012 scheduled for Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Council meeting 14/K6/2012 scheduled for Thursday 29th March 2012
Council meeting 13/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 28th March 2012
Council meeting 12/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 28th March 2012
Council meeting 11/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 7th March 2012
Council meeting 10/K6/2012 scheduled for Tuesday 21st February 2012
Council meeting 09/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 20th February 2012
Council meeting 08/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 15th February 2012
Council meeting 07/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 15th February 2012
Council meeting 06/K6/2012 scheduled for Tuesday 31st January 2012
Council meeting 05/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 30th January 2012
Council meeting 04/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 23rd January 2012
Council meeting 03/K6/2012 scheduled for Monday 23rd January 2012
Council meeting 02/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 18th January 2012
Council meeting 01/K6/2012 scheduled for Wednesday 11th January 2012 - Locality Meeting

Council meeting 29/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 28th December 2011
Council meeting 28/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 7th December 2011
Council meeting 27/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 16th November 2011
Council meeting 26/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 26th October 2011
Council meeting 25/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 5th October 2011
Council meeting 24/K6/2011 scheduled for Thursday 15th September 2011
Council meeting 23/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 14th September 2011
Council meeting 22/K6/2011 scheduled for Monday12th September 2011
Council meeting 21/K6/2011 scheduled for Tuesday 6th September 2011
Council meeting 20/K6/2011 scheduled for Wednesday 31st August 2011