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Places of Interest

​Pembroke Battery was built between 1909 and 1912, a short distance away from Fort Pembroke. Oval in shape, the battery was armed with two 9.2 inch BL MK X guns abreast of each other, each having a 180 degree arc of fire. In the mid 1980’s part of this battery was destroyed to make way for housing development.The Pembroke Local Council is currently involved together with the Ministry for Environment in restoration works on this Battery which it aims to transform into a Museum.

Pembroke Battery

This cemetery is the final resting place for 323 World Wars 1 and 2 fatalities and 300 other deaths, and is maintained by the War Graves Commission.   
Pembroke Military Cemetry   

The Pembroke Clock Tower was built in 1903 and forms part of the Old Guard Room. It gives Pembroke a unique character and serves as a landmark and meeting place. It is the highest building in Pembroke and has been restored in 1995.
Pembroke Clock Tower

About 400 plant species grow along this short valley ranging from the main entrance to Pembroke all the way down to St George's Bay.
Valley Harq Hammiem

Madliena Tower, safeguarding the coast of Bahar ic-Caghaq was built in 1658 by Grand Master De Redin. In the 19th Century it was modified by the British Services to accomodate a 64-pdr RML Gun on a circular traversing carriage to safeguard the surrounding coast as well as to assist the Victoria Lines in their defence purpose. 

Madliena Watch Tower
The first barracks were built close to St George's Bay in 1859, but further blocks were built at the turn of the century and after World War Two. In the mid-1980's, most of these barracks were converted into apartments and let to Maltese families. Others were converted into offices and a Holiday Complex.

Pembroke Barrack

This building was built in November 1915 by the Australian Branch of the British Red Cross Society for the benefit of the Soldiers of the Empire.
Australian Hall

This recreational area is situated in the heart of the town and has an area of 2161 sq. meters. Designed by Ray Pace, construction works commenced on January 2nd 1996 and were completed on May 3rd 1996. The inauguration ceremony was held two days later and has ever been patronized not only by residents but also by people from other towns who come purposely to recreate themselves in this garden