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About the Locality

Il-Munxar - 10 minute walk south-west of the capital Ir-Rabat (Città Victoria).  The motto of Il-Munxar is ‘Parvulus sed munitus’ that in Engish means ‘Small but Secure’.The meaning is simple, Il-Munxar is a small village but it is located on solid rocks. The Parish Church of Il-Munxar is dedicated to the Shipwreck of Saint Paul and the feast is celebrated during the last week of May. Whilst in the winter months the village can be considered quite slow and quiet, during summer the atmosphere is quite the opposite.
Ix-Xlendi - within a stone throw off Il-Munxar’s parish church, there is Ix-Xlendi Bay wedged between majestic cliffs to the south-west of Gozo.  So intimately connected with the sea-faring environment it is only natural to expect ix-Xlendi's motto to be 'Navium Tutela' that in English means 'Protection for Vessels'