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Council Photos

Seventh  Legislation - Date of Election - 9th March 2013
2_CROPPED  COMPRESSED - 7th Legislation.JPG 
From left to right: Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary); Grace Marie Mallia (Councillor); Nicholas Briffa (Mayor), Emmanuel (Noel) Galea (Councillor); Charlene Zammit (Deputy Mayor) and Michel Farrugia (Councillor).  Later on during this legislation following the resignation of Noel Galea, the office of councillor was filled by Paul Spiteri
Sixth Legislation: 2008 – 2013
1_Mqabba 08-03-08.jpg 
Sixth Legislation - From left to right: Noel Galea (Mayor), Nicholas Briffa (Councillor), Grace Marie Mallia (Councillor), Paul Spiteri (Councillor), Charles Farrugia (Deputy Mayor) and Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary).​


Fifth Legislation: 2005 – 2008
1_Mqabba 12-03-05.jpg 
Fifth Legislation - From left to right: George Sammut (Councillor), Benny Casha (Councillor), Donald Muscat (Deputy Mayor), Nicholas Briffa (Mayor) and Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary).
Fourth Legislation: 2002 – 2005
1_Mqabba 09-03-02.jpg
Forth Legislation - From left to right: Nicholas Briffa (Councillor), Emanuel Buttigieg (Mayor), Edwin Gatt (Councillor), Noel Galea (Deputy Mayor), Grace Marie Mallia (Councillor) and Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary). During this legislation Emanuel Buttigieg resigned from Mayor and Councillor, Noel Galea and Edwin Gatt took the office of Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively, whilst Paul Spiteri (missing from photo) was co-opted as Councillor.


Third Legislation: 1999 – 2002
1_Mqabba 13-03-99.jpg
Third Legislation - From left to right: Emanuel Buttigieg (Mayor), Nicholas Briffa (Councillor), Carmen Psaila (Deputy Mayor), Francis Vella (Councillor), Josephine Simbeye (Councillor) and Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary).


Second Legislation: 1996 – 1999
1_Mqabba 09-03-96.jpg
Second Legislation - From left to right: Reuben Abdilla (Councillor), George Farrugia (Councillor), Emanuel Buttigieg (Mayor), Victor Micallef (Councillor), Teddy Farrugia (Councillor) and Anthony Bonello (Executive Secretary).​


First Legislation: 1994 – 1996
1_Mqabba 19-03-94.jpg
First Legislation - From left to right: Anthony Bonello (Administrative Secretary), John Zammit (Councillor), Anthony Farrugia (Councillor), Ludgarda Farrugia (Councillor), Mario Degiorgio (Councillor) and Emanuel Buttigieg (Mayor).