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Ħal Luqa is nearly surrounded from all directions with industrial areas: to the north by the Marsa Industrial Estate, to the east by the four cities of Paola, Santa Lucia, Gudja and Ghaxaq, to the south by the three villages of Safi, Kirkop and Mqabba, and to the west by the cities of Siggiewi and Qormi. Between 1995 and 2002 the population of Ħal Luqa has decrease by around 600 persons, although in the last years these has been a rise in the birth rate. Ħal Luqa, along with the nearby airport area and the expanding sub-locality of Ħal Farrug, constitutes the major inland area of all the southern zone of the country. The Locality still retains a traditional historical core characterized by an organic street pattern with the 17th century parish church dominating the main square of this core