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L-Għarb means West and in fact this village is situated in the West of Gozo. Life in this village began many centuries ago and these roots can be seen in the structure of the houses which are found around the village core.
L-Għarb was given the status of a parish in 1679 and the New Church (Knisja l-Kbira) has a baroque style and is similar to the Church of San Anjeze of Barromini which is in Pjazza Navona in Rome.
L-Għarb’s square is a typical Gozitan square with the magnificent façade of the church enhancing its beauty, the Cross of the Square which dates back to the 17th Century and also a folk museum which is full of all sorts of things pertaining to the history of our islands.
There are also two legends related to two chapels, one called taż-Żejt and the other ta’ San Dimitri, famous legends which are written in the history of Għarb and extremely popular with both Gozitans and Maltese.
Upon mentioning this village one cannot omit mentioning the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu, which is a sanctuary of national importance visited by many pilgrims from all over the world.
Ta' Pinu - Għarb