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Council Photos

Seventh Legislature



Sixth Legislature - Date of  Election - 8th March, 2008
1_Fontana 08-03-08.jpg

Sixth Legislature - From left to right - Saviour Borg (Mayor), Anthony Borg (Deputy Mayor), Lawrence Apap (Councillor), Horace Micallef (Councillor), Victor Cefai (Councillor), Josianne Cassar (Executive Secretary)


Fifth Legislature - Date of Election - 12th March, 2005
1_Fontana 12-03-05.jpg
Fifth Legislature - From left to right - Maria Schembri (Councillor), Anthony Cassar (Councillor), Victor Cefai (Deputy Mayor), Saviour Borg (Mayor), Lawrence Apap (Councillor), Josianne Cassar (Executive Secretary)​


Fourth Legislature - Date of Election - 9th March 2002
1_Fontana  09-03-02.jpg

Fourth Legislature - From left to right - Anthony Cassar (Councillor), Valentino Cassar (Mayor), Edwin Borg (Deputy Mayor), Maria Schembri (Councillor), Saviour Borg (Councillor), Josianne Cassar (Executive Secretary)


Third Legislature - Date of Election - 13th March, 1999
1_Fontana 13-03-99.jpg

Third Legislature - From left to right - Josephine Borg (Councillor), Charlie Micallef (Councillor), Ivan Cauchi (Councillor), Saviour Borg (Mayor), Mario Mizzi (Deputy Mayor), Josianne Cassar (Executive Secretary)


Second Legislature - Date of Election
1_Fontana 09-03-96.jpg
Second Legislature - From  left to right - Arthur Bajada (Executive Secretary), Saviour Borg (Councillor), Maria Schembri (Councillor), Spiro Formosa (Councillor), Anthony Borg (Councillor)


Kindly note that during this legislation Anthony Borg resigned and was co-opted by Mario Mizzi. Josianne Cassar nee Camilleri commenced her duties as Executive Secretary during this Legislation.


First Legislature - Date of Election - 20th November 1993
1_Fontana 20-11-93.jpg

First Legislature - From left to right - George Cassar (Councillor), Anthony Borg (Mayor), Maria Schembri (Councillor), Spiro Formosa (Councillor), Saviour Borg (Councillor), Anton Zammit (Executive Secretary)