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Places of Interest

Carmel Street
Carmel Street is one of the oldest streets in il-Fgura. In the past it presented a short cut to people going from Bulebel to Ħaż-Żabbar (Città Hompesch), thus avoiding Paola.

The street is still dotted with farmhouses and houses, the architecture of which is reminiscent of years gone by. However, today many of these old houses gave way to new and more modern buildings, thus presenting a mixture of the old with the new. The street also houses some new commercial enterprises.

The name ‘Carmel Street’ must come from the ancient niche which housed the icon of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which stood at the end of the road, before it intersected with Hompesch Road.

Sqaq Rjallu (Rjallu Lane)

Sqaq Rjallu is the only remaining lane in il-Fgura, linking Zabbar Road to Mater Boni Consilii Street.

Wied Blandun ( Wied Blandun Valley )

Although the village of il-Fgura is mostly residential and commercial one can still find a patch of land were to enjoy nature – the Valley of Blandun, known as Wied Blandun.

Around a hundred years ago Wied Blandun was a fantastic nature haunt. Unfortunately, much of it was taken for residential development. Inspite of this, not all is lost. One can still admire trees, rubble walls, plants and water springs formations, especially after it rains.

Lately there seems to have been some rethinking, and the Authorities have embarked on a project of afforestation in the area.