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The Small Grant Scheme (SGS)

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The Small Grant Scheme (SGS) for Urban Local Councils co-funded by the Norwegian Funding Mechanism

This grant scheme aims to address the inequalities and socio-economic challenges encountered by localities considered as urban areas through a number of pilot initiatives in physical, economic and social regeneration of these deprived urban communities. Considering the high at-risk-of-poverty rate, high unemployment rate and the socio-economic challenges associated with urban development, the regeneration projects shall contribute to the revitalisation of these towns and cities, thus addressing the social and educational needs of citizens. In line with the guiding principle of the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development, the objective of this scheme is to continue the enhancement of urban areas to improve the quality of life and sustainable living standards of deprived communities.

The approved budget for the scheme is of circa €1,200,000 and each pilot initiative will have a minimum grant of €25,000 and a maximum grant of €100,000.

In view of the above, the following 12 urban local councils that have the highest expenditure in terms of social security (based on the NSO Report – Social Protection in Malta and the EU (2015) will be considered eligible for the first call:

Valletta Local Council, Il-Birgu Local Council, L-Isla Local Council, Bormla Local Council,  Floriana Local  Council, Ħal Tarxien Local Council, Ħamrun Local Council, Marsa Local Council, Paola Local Council, Santa Venera Local Council, Tal-Pieta’ Local Council and Ta’ Xbiex Local Council

Should the available budget not be fully exhausted through this call, the Local Government Division reserves the right to issue a further call targeting other urban localities.


Small Grant Scheme Objectives:
  • development, and thereafter implementation of a sustainable development strategy for urban localities

  • support physical, economic and social regeneration of deprived communities in these urban areas

  • the regeneration of public open spaces and public social housing within deprived neighbourhoods

  • enhance the environmental aspects of these localities

  • Eligible Local Councils – Localities considered as urban areas.  For the first call of the scheme it was agreed that the 12 urban local councils mostly at risk of poverty

SGS Indicators:

  • ​1,000 vulnerable individuals benefitting from services provided through the Small Grant Scheme

  • +11% of residents ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their local council’s performance in targeted localities

  • 6 pilot initiatives implemented by Urban local councils

  • Maximum grant amount per project: €100,000.

  • ​Minimum grant amount per project: €25,000​

Method for selection of projects:
  • ​Project applications will assessed in accordance with Article 7.4 of the Regulation

  • The Local Government Division has been designated to be the small grant scheme operator (SGS Operator)

  • The SGS Operator will ensure that the project management service provider, engaged following a selection by public procurement, assists in the administrative and eligibility assessment as well as the evaluation of the project proposals

  • Ensure that all project applications are assessed by at least two experts

  •  Experts will independently and separately score the project application

  • Ranking of projects will be based on the experts’ scores

  •  If the difference between the two scores by the experts is more than 30%, the application will be scored by a third expert

  • A Project Selection Committee inclusive of a broad number of stakeholders will review the ranked list and forward it recommendations to the SGS Operator

  • ​SGS shall make a decision on which projects will be supported on the basis of the ranking list approved by the PSC​


SGS Call 3 (OPEN):
Deadline Wednesday 5th October 2022 at 12:00hrs (CET)

Key documents to download;


SGS Call 2 (CLOSED):
Deadline Monday 31st May 2021 at 12:00hrs (CET)

Key documents to download;

SGS Call 2: Clarification No. 1
SGS Call 2: Clarification No. 2

SGS Call 2: Notification No. 1


SGS Call 1 (CLOSED):

SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 1
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 2
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 3
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 4
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 5
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 6
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 7
SGS Call 1: Clarification No. 8
SGS Call 1:​ Clarification No. 9

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